Hopi Candle Ear Holistic Treatments
Hot Ear Candling

An effective, soothing and natural therapy.

The Hopi candles are made up of natural ingredients and the effects are wonderfully beneficial.

This treatment induces pleasant feelings of warmth and helps to balance pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. Excellent for boosting the immune system, helping with excessive or compacted wax, headaches, sinus problems, earaches, hay fever and can even be helpful for snoring too!

It’s an ideal treatment to have prior to flying, as it is helpful for releasing any built up pressure in the ears and sinuses which can be painful when flying. It is also a handy treatment to have before going scuba diving!

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide all amenities and basic requirements for your treatment. If you would like to fix your makeup after the treatment, please bring your own cosmetics.

We highly recommend calling to reserve a booking to avoud disappointment as bookings are by appointment only.

Treatments depend on what you have booked. If you would like to fix your makeup after the treatment, please bring your own cosmetics.

At the end of the treatment a relaxing and gentle pressure point massage is given to the face, neck and around the ears, reducing tensions in the head, neck and face.

This lovely and gentle treatment is great for calming and de-stressing the overworked mind and instils feelings and well being.

Facial Massage

£25 Treatment time is 45 minutes

Special Offer: Course of 3 Hopi treatments is only £60

Conditions apply: See special offers for further details.

I like to know that my patients and clients receive the upmost care and attention when they visit my practice.

  • Stress Buster – A Blissful Treat
  • Delight – A Trio of Massages
  • Hopi Ear Candling – 3 Courses

A Consultation is included in my Packages and Special Offers.

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