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This is a very gentle yet effective system of healing the body mind and spirit. Reiki is a completely natural therapy offering a safe system of healing. It can restore control and balance in your life by releasing stress, helping to cleanse toxins in the body and balancing your energy levels, which in turn will help you to maintain good health.

As an addition to most of the Holistic Treatments, I will also offer a small amount of reiki as a nice ending to a relaxing treatment if the client wishes to receive it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide all amenities and requirements for your treatment. If you would like to fix your makeup after the treatment, please bring your own cosmetics.

We highly recommend booking your reservation to avoid disappointment as all treatments are by appointment only.

Your Reiki treatment will depend on what your have booked.

Seperate Reiki sessions.  There are no set treatment times as such, however there is a fee charged when a seperate Reiki Session is given and I have devised a relatively open pricing scale for this.  Reiki will work differently on each and every person who receives it.  Maybe you wish to receive a short session for a quick pick me up or some Reiki to help with a particular ailment or if you want to enjoy and experience a whole body session for total relaxation then you may find that a longer Reiki session is just what your looking for and what you need!

For those of you who would like regular short sessions to help with specific ailments or for regular boosts to your health and a quick de-stress and pick me up, a fee of £10 would be acceptable and for a longer session between £15 and £20 pounds is acceptable.

Sessions can be short from 20 mins or up to 45 minutes for a longer session.

Reiki Treatment Weston super mare worle
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