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Our Pricing

Holistic Therapy Prices

Taster sessions are £15
Facials £30
Reflexology £30 – 45 minute treatment
Hopi ear candling £28
Body massage £25 up to £60
Deep tissue massage £25 to £45

Reiki £15 per 30 minute session

Special packages
Sarah’s stress buster £45
A Trio of massages £45
The double de-stressor £45

All  treatments by appointment only. We are located in St Georges near Worle and Weston-super-Mare.

Indian Head Massage – £25 for a 40 minute session – £30 with conditioning oils

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful massage to the head, neck and shoulders. This treatment can be given to the client fully clothed if preferred. The powerful effects of the Indian Head Massage can relieve deep rooted tensions in those areas and can instil a deep state of relaxation throughout the body and the mind. It can work well for all stress related conditions. There are various massage techniques used throughout. Traditionally it is quite a robust massage treatment, but can be tailored to suit your needs by using a more gentle technique. Some of the benefits are : Helping to relieve mental fatigue, relieving stiffness in the head, neck and shoulders, breaking down of tightened and tense muscle fibres, muscle knots, nodules and trigger points.

An Indian head massage can help to relieve muscular tensions from the upper back, neck, shoulders and head. The Indian Head massage can be done either with or without oils. The oils help to condition the hair and scalp and the essential oils help leave the hair and skin feeling beautifully nourished. As a final touch to the Indian Head massage chakra balancing takes place, This can help to remove any negative stress that can cause a chakra to become blocked or unbalanced. This ends this wonderful treatment leaving you feeling calm, centred and balanced. This treatment can leave you feeling extremely relaxed and de stressed.

Body Massage – £25 for a 40 minute session – £35 for a 1 hour session
£60 for a 1 ½ hour session

A deeply relaxing and restorative treatment which can provide a sense of wellbeing to the body, mind and spirit. Massage can help to relieve discomfort, tension and stiffness in the muscles and joints and can leave you with a feeling of improved flexibility throughout the body and feeling deeply relaxed too!
Massage can be extremely beneficial in alleviating many health related conditions such as; Insomnia, joint tension, muscle fatigue, general aches and pains or purely just for body conditioning or relaxation purposes. The nourishing oils used in the massage can leave your skin feeling softer, more smooth and conditioned. Whatever the reason massage is great for the body and for you!

Having regular sessions of body massage can help to boost your bodies overall health and promote feelings of wellbeing.

Reflexology – £30 for a 45 minute session – A popular blissful treat for the feet.

Reflexology can help restore balance and harmony to the whole of the body from small pressured movements applied to reflex points on the feet, massage is incorporated into the reflexology treatment and the treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs. This is a lovely and totally relaxing therapy, leaving you feeling calm and de stressed almost immediately, with a lovely sense of well being throughout. Reflexology is regarded as a safe and natural complimentary therapy and is a very popular choice as the whole body benefits from the treatment, but it’s the feet that get the treat!

Regular reflexology sessions are ideal for helping with most common ailments such as backache, general aches and pains, headaches, sinus problems, asthma, stomach disorders, insomnia or restless sleep, general fatigue and lots, lots more. Occasional treatments can be helpful for de stressing and for a little time out for those with busy lifestyles. The benefits are endless…

Hopi Ear Candling Therapy – £28 per session

Hopi Ear Candling is an effective, soothing and natural therapy. The Hopi candles are made from natural ingredients and the effects can be wonderfully beneficial. The treatment induces pleasant feelings of warmth and can help to balance pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. Its excellent for helping to boost the immune system, helping with excessive or compacted wax, headaches, sinus problems, earache, hay fever and can be helpful for snoring. Its an ideal treatment to have prior to flying, as it is helpful for releasing any built up pressure in the ears and sinuses which can cause pain when flying.

At the end of the treatment a relaxing and gentle pressure point massage is given to the face, neck and around the ears, reducing tensions in the head neck and face. This lovely and gentle treatment is great for calming and de stressing the overworked mind and instils feelings of relaxation, calm and well being.


Chiropody Treatments

  • Initial Consultation & Chiropody Treatment: £35
  • Additional Future Appointments: £30


Deep Tissue Massage – £25 for a 40 minute session – £35 for a 1 hour session
£45 for a 1 ½ hours session

Deep Tissue Massage is regarded as an effective yet therapeutic massage which focuses on specific areas of the body only, therefore those areas which are suffering with long term underlying stress and muscular tensions. It is not a full body massage. Specialised massage techniques are used over muscles and connective tissues of the body. The effects of this body work treatment are deep and penetrative and can provide more of a deep release to specific and problematic areas. This type of body work addresses deep seated tensions, helping to restore muscular balance, tone and help improve joint mobility, function and flexibility.

Aromatherapy Massage – £25 for a 40 minute session – £35 for a 1 hour session
£45 for a 1 ½ hours session – £60 for a 2 hour session

Aromatherapy Massage is regarded as a gentle, yet soothing & restorative massage. The essential oils in aromatherapy are selected specifically for the client according to their physical and emotional needs and provide the best possible aromatherapy massage to suit you.

Aromatherapy massage can help to strengthen the immune system and restore harmony between body and mind and can have a profound effect on your general well being. The oils used can condition and nourish the skin and the aromas from the essential oils are delightful too. An Aromatherapy massage can be truly relaxing or stimulating and invigorating, this is because the wonderful therapeutic effects of the essential oils and there aroma’s can provide different results and the benefits are endless. Aromatherapy massage is suitable for most people, but if your unsure or have sensitive skin, allergies, eczema or your skin becomes irritated easily then please let me know prior to booking in as you may require a patch test first.

Aromatherapy massage can be very effective and therapeutic for many ailments and health related problems.
Experience the wonderful and therapeutic effects of the essential oils and their amazing aromas. It’s a wonderful massage to have if you wish to indulge in a little pampering session.

Holistic Facial – £30 for a 1 hour session
This wonderful and indulgent treatment for the face includes massage movements not only to the face but over the neck and shoulders too. A pressure point massage is also part of the treatment to the face. The facial is performed using the lovely Susan Molyneux skincare products called MONU. The face is cleansed and conditioned and whilst the mask is taking effect I offer a lovely hand massage which is great for hard working, aching hands. Or you can simply relax and take in the aromas of the essential oils and have some me time. This is such a lovely treatment and definitely worth trying as we can hold a lot of stress and tension on our faces, around our temples, forehead, eyebrows, eye area and also the ears and jaw areas, all of which are massaged in my facial.

A short consultation and skin analysis is taken prior to your facial, this is to make sure the right type of facial is given to suit your skins specific needs and to provide the best treatment for you.

Your skin type will dictate what massage movements are used and the amount of pressure given to ensure maximum benefit from the treatment, in some cases a pressure point massage will be beneficial and for others a more stimulating facial massage is best.

MONU products are dedicated to combining the power of science with the miracles of nature in their skin care range. Monu natural skin care products are unique formulations that utilise the special properties of pure, natural ingredients, using plants & herbs, minerals & essential oils.

Special Packages

Sarah’s Stress Buster – £45 for a 90 minute session
This is a blissful treat and it offers two of the most popular stress busting holistic therapies which compliment each other. An Indian head massage followed by Reflexology.
The Indian head massage is renowned for releasing deep rooted tensions around the upper back, neck, shoulders and head areas, followed by the wonderfully relaxing Reflexology which helps to restore balance and harmony to the whole body through pressure and massage applied to reflex points on the feet.
The combination of the two therapies given one after another can leave you feeling amazingly calm, de-stressed and totally relaxed.

All about the head – £70 – Indian head massage – Facial – Hopi Ear Candling
This package consists of and Indian head massage which can leave you feeling deeply relaxed and de-stressed. Followed by a luxurious holistic facial which can leave your skin feeling lovely conditioned and pampered. And to calm and de-stress the overworked mind and instil feelings of relaxation and wellbeing the truly soothing and pleasant Hopi Ear Candling Therapy. A great option for those looking for a complete pampering session to the head, face, neck and shoulders.

A Trio of massages – £50 for a 90 minute session
The Trio of massages is a lovely pampering session of massage to the head, hands and finally the feet. This Trio of massages starts with a gentle and soothing massage to the head, with a gentle pressure point massage to the face which can help relieve mental fatigue and release tension and stresses from the head and face. To follow is a lovely hand and lower arm massage using conditioning essential oils. This soothing massage can help to relieve tensions and stiffness in the lower arms and hands, helping to improve flexibility.

The final touch to my Trio of massages is a wonderful foot massage/and or leg massage. An incredibly soothing and relaxing massage to the feet/legs. The massage movements can help to relieve any tensions or stiffness to the feet and/or legs. Its soothing yet revitalising and the affects of massage can be so beneficial especially for those of you with tired aching feet. It’s a delightful treat for the feet and ends my Trio of Massages.


Reiki is not a treatment as such, it’s more a giving and receiving of natural energy.

This is regarded as a very gentle yet effective way of using the healing effects of energy to the body mind and spirit. Reiki is a completely natural therapy offering a safe system of healing energy to those who are happy to receive it. It can restore control and balance in your life by releasing stress, helping to cleanse toxins in the body and balance your energy levels by working over the bodies chakra’s which in turn is said to help maintain good health. I practice hands on Reiki. Please understand that Reiki energy flows freely through the practitioners hands and for some, the natural flow of Reiki energy works well for them. Its my time that is paid for not the Reiki. Please contact me for further details. To book a 30 minute session
I charge £15.

The Reiki can be incorporated into the holistic therapies that I provide, as it’s the natural healing effects of energy that passes through my hands and will naturally flow as I am working on the client, if the client wishes to receive it. There will be no affect if the client is not open to the flow of energy or wishes not to receive it.

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Holistic Therapy

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